Guide for the best prepaid and no contract plans to play mobile casinos and slots

The best prepaid and no contract plans to play mobile casinos and slots in 2018

To play mobile casinos and slots you need a good internet connection or WIFI or broadband to enjoy real time gaming. As most of the online casinos have optimized their games for mobile or cell phones its important to get the best plan and carrier to get fast WiFi speed and get games and slots reels to run smooth uninterrupted.

As carriers are becoming liberal and off-contract phones are getting better and cheaper than what was few years back and the good thing is that not much has changed in the value of a good no contract or prepaid plan.

For mobile casinos prepaid plans also have a set limit to your gaming and gambling and you cannot go beyond a certain sum of money. This helps you to play responsibly and within your bankroll limits.

Here is a basic guide to best prepaid and no contract plans that will obviously interest you to go for in 2018 and be less stressful when playing real money mobile casinos.

1. US Mobile plans

USA Mobile phone- Prepaid plans for 2018

US mobile plans offer exceptional coverage that easily competes with other carriers. US Mobile is a prepaid, no contract carrier. That means you pay in advance for 30 days of service. If you run low, you can always purchase more talk, text or data as you need it. You will keep a credit card on file with the carrier and so every purchase can be done with a single click. Also if you enable AutoPay settings you can choose a 30-day plan that will be renewed just as your old plan expires.

The plans start at $4 per month (at the time of writing), and are fully customizable to your needs. If something changes and you realize you don’t need 1000 minutes, but you need 300 minutes you can change your plan next month without any issues. As this plan is no contract, if you’re unhappy you can cancel at anytime.

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2. T-Mobile

T Mobile -Prepaid plans for 2018

T-Mobile has done away with contracts entirely. That means that, technically, every plan on their service is no-contract.  But they still have a prepaid service as well. There are a ton of options and most plans get all of the perks, including T-Mobile’s JUMP program, Music Freedom, Binge On, and whatever else they happen to cook up. You can bring your own phone assuming it can use T-Mobile’s service. The only downside is the plan structures have gotten a lot more complicated.

  • With a monthly or Pay As You Go plan, you can get talk, text, and 4G LTE data—all without the credit check.
  • Get up to 10GB of LTE  data for just $50/month and take advantage of this exceptional offer with a Simply Prepaid plan that gives you more of the LTE data you want on a network that’s second to none.
  • 4G LTE data starting with 4GB for $45/month
  • Get unlimited LTE for $75/month single-line plan that gives you unlimited 4G LTE data on your smartphone, talk, and text.
  • Get the family plan that includes unlimited talk and text, plus up to 10GB of 4G LTE data. Two lines are just $80 per month all with no contracts or credit checks.
  • Get connected for just $3/month in the single-line plan that lets you add texts, minutes, and data only when you need them.

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3. AT&T

AT&T prepaid plans for 2018

At At&T you can bring your own device for prepaid plans as long as they support AT&T’s network.

Prepaid monthly plans with no annual contract starts with $35 monthly plan with 1 GB data, $45 monthly plan for 6 GB data and $65 for unlimited data.

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To play slots and mobile casinos connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices with AT&T Prepaid and Mobile Hotspots at $25 2 GB data with No annual contract and you can easily connect laptops, tablets, smartphones, e-readers, gaming consoles, and more. Monitor connections directly from the color display and renew your service when you need it for up to one year after your plan ex

AT&T- Prepaid plans

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4. Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile- Prepaid plan 2018

Boost Mobile is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that uses Sprint’s network. Like T-Mobile, they don’t use contracts at all on their network. You can bring your own Sprint device. Recently Boost Mobile has switched up its plans a bit, offering four total prepaid plans. Note that these t plans expire every 28 days for monthly plans. You may need to talk to a Boost customer service representative to make sure you’re covered for a whole month.

  • At $10/week get unlimited calls and texts with 1GB of data. This adds up to $40/month for 4GB of data.
  • Get $30/month unlimited calls and texts with 3GB of data. You get an additional 1GB every weekend for a total of 7GB.
  • Grab $40/month unlimited calls and text with 5GB of data. You get an additional 1GB every weekend for a total of 9GB. This includes unlimited calls and texts to ten countries.
  • At $50/month get unlimited talk and text with 7GB of data. You get an additional 1GB of data every weekend for a total of 11GB. Like the $40 plan, this one includes unlimited talk and text to ten countries.

Boost Mobile offers a ton of add-ons including data packs, International phone services, phone insurance, and mobile hotspot services.

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5. Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is owned by AT&T and here also you can bring your own device to get their prepaid offer. If it’s a GSM phone and is designed with support for all the necessary US bands, it’ll work without a hitch. Additionally, every plan comes with support for roaming in Mexico or Canada as long as your usage doesn’t exceed 50% of your total usage for the month.

Cricket Wireless prepaid plans

  • At $30/month get unlimited talk, unlimited text, 2GB of data.
  • Get $40/month get unlimited talk, unlimited text, 5GB of data.
  • At $55/month get cricket unlimited and also includes unlimited Int’l texting to 38 countries and free data roaming in Canada and Mexico.
  • $60/month  get unlimited talk, unlimited text, 10GB of data. This plan also includes unlimited Int’l texting to 38 countries and free data roaming in Canada and Mexico.

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6. H2O Wireless

H2O wireless prepaid plans

H2O Wireless is another prepaid service that uses AT&T’s towers. That means you can bring pretty much any GSM smartphone to the service and it should work. They also have a ton of plan options. According to their website, each plan comes with international talk up to ten unique numbers per month and text for over 50 countries worldwide.

  • Get at $30/month unlimited talk, unlimited text, 4GB of data.
  • At $40/month get unlimited talk, unlimited text, 8GB of data.
  • Also at $50/month get unlimited talk, unlimited text, 10GB of data.
  • Grab $60/month with unlimited talk, unlimited text, 12GB of data.
  • Pay-as-you-go – H2O Wireless offers pay as you go options for $0.05 per minute, $0.05 per text, $0.10 per MMS, and $0.10 per MB of data. You can buy in $10 (90 days), $20 (90 days), $25 (30 days), $30 (90 days), and $100 (one year) increments.

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7. Sprint

Sprint- prepaid plans

At Sprint  you have to buy a Sprint pre-paid phone and you cannot bring your own.  Their plan starts at 40/month with unlimited talk, unlimited text, 3GB of data.  At $50/month you get unlimited talk, unlimited text, 5GB of data. Another is  $60/month which gets you unlimited talk, unlimited text, and unlimited data. Also at $15/month you can add an additional 1GB of data to your plan for $15 per month on top of your plan. All plan prices assume you’re going to be using auto-pay. If not, add $5 to each one.

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8. Verizon

Verizon- prepaid plans 2018

Verizon still have a rock solid network and good LTE speeds and have simplified their prepaid and no contract plans a bit. You can bring your own device as long as it supports Verizon’s network.

At Verizon your prepaid  plan starts with $40 per month with 3 GB high speed.  At $50 you get 7 GB and at $60 10 GB and at $80 unlimited offer with talk and text.

$15, $20, $35, $60 data add-ons you get an extra 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, or 5GB of data for $15, $20, $35, or $60 respectively. These are not part of monthly plans and the data expires after 30-90 days.

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Besides these main carriers there are many others which offer prepaid plans. You can check the following telecom providers and find their best prepaid no contract plans.


Metro PCS-Prepaid

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Net10 Wireless

Net10Wireless-Prepaid plans

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Page Plus

Page Plus prepaid plans

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Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless

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Simple Mobile

Simple mobile

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Now select the carrier and plan according to your requirement. Remember all the plans mentioned here are subject to change and you need to check the latest before you jump to shop them.