Guide to ‘X-Files’ mobile gaming – What are X file games and how to play them?

Guide to X files games

The X-Files games are an interactive movie point-and-click adventure video games developed by HyperBole Studios and first published by Fox Interactive. The games were released for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and PlayStation in 1998, and are based on the television series The X-Files. After PC these games are now available to play with your cell phone and new releases are coming up in 2018.

‘Deep State’ new game will be free-to-play on your phone in February 2018.

About X file games

X file games- how to play with mobile

According to Wikipedia X file games takes place somewhere within the timeline of the third season of The X-Files series. The story follows a young Seattle-based FBI agent named Craig Willmore (played by Jordan Lee Williams) who is assigned by Assistant Director Walter Skinner to investigate the disappearance of agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who were last seen in the Everett, Washington area. Agent Willmore must use his state-of-the-art spy tools: night vision goggles, a digital camera, PDA, lock picks, evidence kit, a standard issue handgun, a pair of handcuffs, and a badge to follow their trail. Along the way, he is partnered with a Seattle Police Department detective named Mary Astadourian (played by Paige Witte) and a minor subplot involves a relationship developing between the two.

Several of the actors from the TV series reprise their roles in the game, including David Duchovny(Mulder), Gillian Anderson (Scully), Mitch Pileggi (Skinner), Steven Williams (X), Bruce Harwood, Tom Braidwood and Dean Haglund (The Lone Gunmen) and depending upon the outcome of the game William B. Davis (The Smoking Man). The game is set and was filmed in Seattle. The TV series actors filmed their relatively brief appearances in the game just before entering production on the feature film.

X files games

The game’s plotline involves aliens taking over the bodies of humans and contains many references to the show’s extraterrestrial mythology. During the course of the game the “present day” date of April 1996 is displayed alongside certain locations, placing this “episode” after the season three episode “Avatar” and before “Wetwired” ,and also after the first incident with the alien black oil in the episode “Piper Maru” of the third season. The screenplay for X-Files The Game was written by Richard Dowdy, Greg Roach and Frank Spotnitz  from a story by Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz.

The Game Play

X files - The game play

The game uses a point-and-click interface, uses full motion video technology called Virtual Cinema, and includes a large number of cut scenes . Included in the gameplay are numerous occasions in which the player can alter other character’s attitudes and reactions depending upon responses and actions or inactions. Dubbed “UberVariables”, certain decisions made by the player can set them along one of three tracks: Paranoia (Willmore will start seeing things like twitching corpses and shadowy figures), Loss (messages from his ex-wife are kinder), and “The X-Track” (more details are revealed about mytharc-related conspiracies). The player can also affect Willmore’s relationship with Astadourian positively and negatively based upon how he responds to her suggestions and ideas.

X files- Game plays

The brand new identify from FoxNext Video games and Inventive Cell Video games is deliberate for free up early subsequent 12 months, after the TV display returns for its 11th season. In line with Selection, the tale will happen in 2010 lengthy after the unique collection, however ahead of the occasions of ultimate 12 months’s revival.

X file game- Explore the new game in series

Fox has taken the wraps off of X-Files: Deep State, a mystery title for Android, iOS and Facebook that will be available in February or just over a month after the January 3rd TV premiere. You’ll fill the shoes of an FBI agent finding clues, solving puzzles and grilling witnesses between seasons 9 and 10 during the alien invasion timeline. There’s an element of Telltale’s serialized storytelling to it with decisions affecting the storyline and new cases showing up every month.

How to play X files games with your cell phone?

  • All you need is to download the games app on your cell phone from app store be it Google Play or iTunes.
  • Register with your Facebook account ,Twitter, Instagram or Google account
  • Connect with other Special Agents, search for clues and make new friends

X file new game 2018

This new game will be free-to-play, with or with not in-app purchases. You can customize the look of your agent, so it’s safe to say that some of the paid extras will be cosmetic. It’ll share a lot in common with the format of the show, at least, as there will be conspiracy-driven story arc cases in addition to one-off “monster of the week” investigations.

This probably won’t make you feel like you’re stepping into the suits of Mulder or Scully, but it shows that broadcasters increasingly see mobile apps as vital companions to their programming  as they want you to engross yourself in a show’s universe well after you’ve shut off your TV.