Games to play at online casinos

Casino games are popular to play among US players. That’s why there are so many online casinos that cater to US players and accept them to play eSports, slots, table games, live casinos, and much more all in their own currency that is USD.

Free and Real Money Games

You can play free games or real money games but that is your choice with your mobile smartphone, PC or tablet. Many online casinos will offer a no deposit bonus as a way to attract new players. The money used can generate real wins and if players want, they can then create a real money account and benefit from the winnings that were generated with the bonus.

All these free and real money games can be played instantly. In most online casinos, players will benefit from having three different platforms to access games. These include software download, HTML5 (instant) games and mobile games for tablet and mobile device users. With the many types of games that are offered, there are always great selections that will present a true to life gambling experience without going to a real land casino.

Slots Games

Slots are the most popular casino games in any casino setting and these games can be played with no experience at all. There are no special skills required to enjoy slot games. In online casinos, players will find great three-reel games as well as the latest video slots. There are also high paying progressive games that can offer life-altering payouts. The video slot games are usually the most popular online as these offer game features that can increase payouts, such as wilds, scatters and bonus rounds.

Table Games

Table games include Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, Sic Bo, Poker games like Pai Gow and other such games. There are multiple versions available, including multi-player games, multi-hand games, and even progressive games. Some games are easy to learn like video poker games and some require skill and strategies to have expertise in the game. Table games are available both for free and real play at online casinos. These can be played on your PC or Mobile or tablet with just visiting the casino on your web or mobile browser.

Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer games or live casinos are those that have table games played with a live human dealer. Games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Sic Bo, Pai Gow, Mahjong, Keno, Wheel of Fortune and other various games come under this category. Remember these games are not for free play and only available with real money play. Which means you have to make a real cash deposit to play these games. Also these casino games might not be available at all online casinos. Note that many online casinos now offer these live streaming games on your cell phone and also you need to play only with a good Laptop and PC with fast WI FI and internet connection.

Sports betting

Most of the online casinos also offer sports betting games where you place your wager on different sports matched going on across the globe like Cricket, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Horse racing and other sports. These games also are not free to play but need real money to place various kinds of bets.

Stock Options

These games run on latest stock market. Players place their bets on stocks of their choice and win accordingly. These games also require real cash to play. Very few online casinos like Rich casino offer these games.

Other Games

Other games included in the online casino are lottery-type games like Keno and Scratch cards. These games are fun-filled, cost less and the outcome is known at once. These games also do not take much time to play and winnings are cashed there and then. With so many varieties available at online casinos you can never go short of casino games of your choice to play and win.

The best practice in playing online casino games would be to play frequently. The more you play the more points you earn. Loyalty points are based on the value of your deposits and the casino games you play. It’s a best practice to play games that you enjoy but also give generous loyalty points.

It’s also important to choose casino games and gaming portals that assure you of credit security. Once you decide to play for real money, funds will be transferred to and from your personal casino account. This is the primary reason why should carefully choose an online casino that offers premium security.