Guide to play games at Skillz and win real money

Guide to play games at Skillz and win real money

Skillz is a multiplayer tournament platform formed in 2014 that lets you compete in mobile games with other people around the world for either real cash or for virtual currency,  Besides players the Skillz platform helps developers build multi-million dollar franchises by enabling social competition in their games. Leveraging its patented technology, Skillz hosts billions of casual esports tournaments for millions of mobile players worldwide and distributes millions in prizes each month. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by leading venture capitalists, media companies, and professional sports leagues and franchises. Skillz has earned recognition as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, CNBC’s Disruptor 50, Forbes’ Next Billion-Dollar Startups, and the #1 fastest-growing company in America on the Inc. 5000.

How to get started at Skillz Games?

How to get started at Skillz Games

To  get started at Skillz games what you need to do is pick your mobile phone and download their game titles from app stores


Simply type their site URL to access the list of available titles. Simply click the download button to install the game.

When you open a Skillz game for the first time, you are automatically signed in with a random username. To update your username, picture, or contact information Tap the icon on the top right of the main menu page and  Tap Account.

Skillz is 100% free to join, and each Skillz-enabled game has numerous free-to-enter tournaments. Skillz also offers tournaments featuring real-money prizes which cost as little as $0.60 to enter.

To play for real money, tap the Store button on the main menu and enter your credit card number or PayPal account information. Once you make a deposit, you can use that money to enter cash tournaments and win real cash prizes. You can then withdraw your winnings any time.

Skill-based games are under the jurisdiction of individual states.

You can enjoy these games legally in 38 states. Here are the places where real money Skillz games are not currently available in Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee.

In Indiana and Maine, you can play many of the games, although not any titles that include playing cards as part of the gameplay.

Games to play at Skillz

Games to play at Skillz Games

All Skillz games are designed to work on mobile phones. You can download an app for Android or iOS devices. The app will handle your account and payments, and will give you access to all the latest game titles. To access Skillz’s Android games, you first need to go to as said above in the browser of your phone or tablet. This page will give you a list of the available titles. Each will have an Android icon next to it, which you click to start the download process.

  • You can download these games from Skillz, and not the Google Play Store. Most devices will give a warning message, saying you are downloading from an unknown source. You can click “OK” here to complete the download process.
  • The list of games will have a familiar feel, with many having names that are similar to popular app titles.
  • Some are card games; others involve lining up gems or shooting bubbles.
  • The difference is that you can play these games in a tournament format. The platform matches you with others at similar skill levels.
  • You then play knockout games, which see the entrants narrowed down to a single winner. Depending on the number of entrants, you’ll get paid based on how far you progress.

The smallest tournaments are head-to-heads with bigger bracketed contests also available.

There are a lot of game options. You can play for real money or use “Z,” which is a virtual fun-money currency. You can also join leaderboard contests or set up private tournaments for your friends.

Some of the best games you can play here are Jewel Blitz, 21 Blitz, Freecell Solitaire cube, Cube Cube, Texas Holdem Solitaire, Blackout Blitz Bingo.

eSports at Skillz

These games are skill-based, which removes them from the definition of gambling. This means you can play these games all legally.

Each game has its own set of rules and gameplay. When you play, you will be entering tournaments. The biggest are bracketed, with multiple rounds leading to a final. The smallest are head-to-head contests.

To ensure that everyone has a genuine shot at winning, the platform matches up players by skill level. This pairs new, inexperienced players against similar level opponents. 

Importantly, if someone is good at the games, he or she will be paired with other good players. This algorithm prevents skilled players from running over the games.

  • When you play for free you needn’t make a deposit at the game
  • You can play all of them for free using “Z,” a play-money currency. You’ll get free “Z” via the platform, and can top this off regularly by keeping an eye on social media.

You then use “Z” to enter free tournaments, winning more and climbing either public or private leaderboards. Currently, it doesn’t have a redeemable value, and you can’t swap it for anything of value in the Skillz ecosystem.

Can you win on Skillz games?

Can you win at Skillz

You have two ways to enjoy the games:

  • Skillz For Fun: Skillz uses a virtual currency that it calls “Z.” It is for entertainment only and doesn’t have a redeemable value. Winning a tournament for “Z” money gives you bragging rights only. Using “Z” is a great way to get familiar with the games before you make a deposit.
  • Skillz For Real Money: You can deposit using credit cards or PayPal, and then enjoy the games for real money. Here, you can win real-cash prizes that you can withdraw. As you’ll see below, match codes can give you a boost on your deposit to enjoy specified games.

There are match codes that let you enter specific games for free. Developers and promoters use these to generate interest in their games. Instead of applying to your entire deposit (like a matched bonus), match codes are passwords that give you access to a freeroll tournament.

You can find these through the Skillz games social media accounts or third-party websites.

Many fans of these games will be actively looking out for the match codes, which will often make the tournaments busier.

Match codes are game-specific. You’ll need to download a new game via the platform, then use a code (usually a word or combination of two words), during a specified time. If you win a tournament after entering with a match code, you will receive the winnings in real money.

Bonuses and rewards at Skillz Games

You can collect bonus cash by referring Skillz to your friends. Skillz will give you $10 in bonus cash for every friend you refer that plays for real money. You can also find (time-limited) bonus cash offers through social media.

You can use the bonus cash to enter tournaments, but you can’t withdraw it. If you do make a withdrawal while you still have a bonus cash balance, it will be forfeited.

Other rewards come via a loyalty reward scheme. You can win “ticketz” and trophies. You accumulate “ticketz” based on your entry fees in real money Skillz tournaments. You can redeem these for prizes from the store, with new items being added to the listing all the time. You can also redeem your ticketz for cash to enter into real money Skillz games.

There is also a VIP system for big spenders. You’ll need to reach the black tier of the loyalty program to be considered a VIP. This level comes with perks that include a big “ticketz multiplier” for every contest you enter. Add to this the match codes (free entry codes), and you’ll see that Skillz looks after its players well.

Deposit and Withdrawal

When you play Skillz games, you will set up a username and password, which will work with all the titles. You can keep track of your deposits and withdrawals from a single account page. Furthermore, withdrawals will use the same route as the deposit whenever possible to protect against fraud and money laundering.

You can choose any of the following deposit options:

  • Credit Card: You can use your regular bank card to deposit in the same way you’d make an online purchase. Visa and Mastercard are welcome.
  • Prepaid Debit Card: This type of card is available via convenience stores. You’ll need to keep your card, even after you spend the balance, to make sure your withdrawal can be processed.
  • Apple Pay: For iPhone or iPad users, Apple Pay makes a fast, convenient and secure payment option.
  • PayPal: The popular e-wallet service adds a secure third-party system between your bank and the Skillz platform.

Withdrawals up to the amount you deposited must occur via the same method wherever this is possible.

For anything above this amount, you can request a paper check that will be sent to your home. The withdrawal process is slower than other online platforms, four weeks or more.

You can access the deposit and withdrawal methods via the “Store” icon at the top of the app.

Skillz Game customer support

To contact customer service, go to Help Center on the main menu. Select Contact Us, choose a category for your inquiry, and send a message! The help team will get back to you within 24 hours

You can access live chat by following these steps:

  • Head to
  • If chat is currently available, click the tab in the lower right corner of the Help Center that says “Chat is online!”
  • Type your message and click the arrow button
  • Add your Name and Email (or sign in with one of the supported account options)
  • Select “Player Support” as your department
  • A Skillz employee will be in contact with you soon!

Live chat is generally available 24/7, also as a player you may need to submit a support ticket instead.

For more FAQs contact here.