The Top 6 Most Popular Roulette Systems

Roulette is one of the widely played casino games. Since it inception on the global gambling scene, it has been driving millions of players. Although this game is termed as a game of chance, some players have spent a lot of time and effort into developing an effective strategy for beating the roulette wheel by applying foolproof tricks. Plenty of “winning” roulette strategies have been created and here I have rounded up the top 6 most popular roulette systems for you to have a great time and right way to play roulette.

The Most Popular Roulette Systems

1. Martingale


This betting system requires you to double the amount of the bet once you face a loss. The system is straightforward, which makes it a preferred roulette system by players. However, for experienced players, the Martingale system can be a risky way.

It is also one of the oldest systems. Initially, it was termed as a great system for games where the player was required to guess whether the coin is about to land on the heads or tails.

If the player guesses it right, they are not supposed to increase their bet. But if they are wrong, the player needs to double the bet. Therefore, if the next guess is correct, they will take back their money and even earn a profit.

Although this trick makes sense, it is risky. As you can lose an infinite number of times and if you are persistent enough, you can also hit a winning streak and what you have lost back. So, this system is not suitable for players who have a tight budget.

2. Parlay


The Parlay system falls under the category of the positive progression betting systems and as such it requires the player to double the bet when winnings are registered and keep wagering the same amount when they experience losses. The Parlay and the Paroli are quite similar, which therefore means that if you decide to apply Parlay, you will not risk large sums of your bankroll. Once again, it is essential to set a betting limit and cash out your winnings when you reach it. The Parlay allows you to set your own winning goals and complete them by applying the system.

Apart from a betting limit and winning goal, you should also determine the amount of your initial bet.

Let’s presume you decide to make a bet of $10 and you want to make your $10 increase to $240. Once you achieve that, you stop wagering. So, you bet $10 on red but the ball lands on a black number and you lose your $10. However, you place another $10 on red and you win. This, therefore, requires you to make another bet amounting to $20. Unfortunately, you lose and you have to start over and place a bet amounting to $10. This time you win and you have to double your bet once again. If you win again, your payout should be $40.

You can bet your $40 on 1 Dozen and if you win, you get $120. You are halfway through your predetermined goal of $240. So, the best thing you can do in such a situation is to bet your $120 on Even. If you win, your sequence is over and you can start the system again and place your initial bet.

During your gameplay, you have to be prepared to experience small, frequent losses that can easily be compensated once you have a winning streak.

3. Paroli


In comparison, the Paroli betting system works the opposite way. The player has to double the bet when they win. The chance of having a winning series is higher, which means that Paroli is considered safer than the Martingale. The benefit of Paroli is that you can win a decent payout without endangering the stability of your bankroll. Also, it is considered the right to use it in a long-term play.

The Paroli is the opposite of Martingale. The player is required to double the bet after winnings are registered. Initially, it does not look like you are going to affect your bankroll adversely.

However, if you thing minutely, you will see that the Paroli system is not that easy to use. Paroli is safer than Martingale, but every time you apply it, you may not complete your roulette session with a solid payout.

Before you start playing, you have to determine how many spins you are going to make and collect your winnings when you reach your limit. The more progress you make, the more likely you are to win. Thus, the number of chips will tremendously increase in no time.

If you are not so lucky and you lose bets in-between, your bankroll will not be get harmed as you wagered chips that belonged to the bank anyway. Also, you can easily compensate for your losses once you hit a winning streak.

4. D’Alembert


Yet, there is another category – roulette betting systems featuring flat progression. D’Alembert is a burning example of a flat betting system. It is also called the Cancellation system or Pyramid system. It was introduced in the 18 century and according to it, a player can gather solid winnings in a long term provided that they decrease their bet by 1 after a win and increase it by 1 after a loss.

Due to its simplicity and small variance, this system is widely popular. Still, your bets can get too high.

You would require excellent concentration and discipline to use this system but don’t forget that apart from winning money, you also visit casino premises to have fun.

5. Shotwell System

This system was first used in the 1980s. It got popularity due to the wise strategy it features. The goal of this Shotwell System is to cover specific numbers distributed within 5 units. Suppose you bet one chip on the 6 number combo 1 through 6. You also place one chip on 20, 26, 8, and 10. So, regardless of where the ball would land, it would be 3 pockets away from a number you have wagered on at any cost.

6. Masse Egale

Masse Egale

It is a roulette betting system which is one of the top 6 most popular roulette systems. It has neither positive nor negative progression. Every bet you place is the same, irrespective of the result of the spin. It is important to note that Masse Egale can be effectively applied for inside bets only.

Before you start playing roulette, you need to choose one number and bet on it until you win. You can continue to do this as long as you wish.

Another important thing is that Masse Egale is not the most appropriate system when it comes to long-term play. It is good to play the internal fields.


These are the top 6 most popular roulette systems that you can use while playing roulette and have fun and some great time for hours.