Guide To Play At Funzpoints Casino To Win Real Cash

Guide to play at Funzpoints Casino to win real cash

Funzpoints casino to win real cash is one of the superb and top-rated social gaming sweepstakes sites in the US for punters to win real cash. Though it doesn’t yet have an exclusive app for mobile users it is so easy to play on your mobile browser itself instant games.   It offers you a variety of slots games, lucrative bonuses, and promotions that run throughout the year.

When you sign up for an account, you immediately qualify for an absolutely no deposit bonus of $22.50. After making your first purchase, Funzpoints awards you a new player deposit bonus of 100% up to $20. Funzpoints casino to win real cash was launched in 2019 and is run by Woopla Inc. It’s unlike other online casinos in the US as it follows US sweepstakes rules, and you can participate without having to make an actual purchase.

How to play at Funzpoints Casino to win real cash?

How to play at Funzpoints Casino to win real cash

To play at Funzpoints Casino to win real cash all you need to do is to pick your cell phone. Be it Android or iPhone or simply sit in front of your laptop or PC and on the web/mobile browser be it chrome or safari type the casino URL and hit enter to get access to the Funzpoints Casino to win real cash immediately.

How to play at Funzpoints Casino to win real cash- register yourself

  • Now click on the register button as a new player and you will get a short form of Funzpoints registration.
  • Fill this form with a few of your details and set a user name and password
  • You should be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States
  • Note that if you are a resident of Washington State you are not allowed to play with real cash.
  • After you register you will get an email to verify your account which you need to verify and confirm.
  • Now login with your email and password

Now choose between the two types of gameplay offered by Funzpoints casino. The Funzpoints standard casino means play all for free and you don’t win any real cash. At the Funzpoints premium on the other hand you play the casino games and win real cash. At a standard casino, you get free coins or free points to play the games.

Also, you get 250 free premium funzpoints in the premium casino.

How to play at Funzpoints Casino to win real cash-Play standard or Premium

Each of these two modes has different rules. For example, for the standard mode, you can play for free, and the games are paid out in tokens. While for the premium mode, the games are paid out in real cash.

play at Funzpoints Casino to win real cash

play at Funzpoints Casino to win real cash- free points

Once your standard mode Funzpoints account is set up, you get access to a limited number of slots, including The Java Café, Bonbon Bash, Enchantress Luna, Kongo’s Adventure and Voyage of the Vikings

You are required to make a minimum purchase of $4.99 or more to access the rest of the slot titles. Some of the other slot games available at Funzpoints are Chase the 8s, Gold Rush Pete, The Big Dive, Criminal Cash, Scatters in Space and Chillin’ While Grillin’ and more.

Funzpoints in ambitious in keeping its players engaged and excited so introduces new game title roughly every 30 days. All Funzpoints slots have an RTP (return to player rate) of 96.5%.

play at Funzpoints Casino to win real cash- Slot games

There are so many slots and other games to play at this casino. There are no casino games like roulette but you can enjoy Keno.

 Note that Funzpoints is a sweepstakes casino so it’s different from a typical casino site. For one, because it offers you a chance to play for free with a virtual currency known as Gold Coins. However, at Funzpoints, you can also win real cash prizes with its Sweepstakes Cash. Funzpoints has a high RTP of 96.5% on its games, which also makes it appealing.  

How does Funzpoints work?

play at Funzpoints Casino to win real cash- How it works

Funzpoints operates under the official rules and regulations for sweepstakes contests in the US. According to the US laws on sweepstake casinos, you must be able to participate without making an actual purchase. In simple terms, that means you can sign up and play for free or mail a request to Funzpoints to receive an entry to play.

In standard mode, you play using game credits. You can earn the game credits by spinning the funzwheel after every three hours. The free credits will then be added to your standard Funzpoints bank almost immediately. At Funzpoints, when you play in standard mode, you get a chance to play for free on selected slot games. There’s a minimum required bet of eight points when you play. When you’ve accumulated 500 points, you get a ticket to the daily $350 jackpot draw. You also have access to limited booster games and will have pop-up ads appear.

Another way of earning the free standard Funzpoints credits is by sending a mail request to Woopla Limited. You will then receive 1,000 standard free credits in your account within five days. An extra 500 premium points will also be credited to your premium account.

In premium mode, you get access to the entire suite of Funzpoints games, ad free. All of your potential booster games are unlocked and you can cash out your game wins for real cash.

Funzpoints Daily Jackpot Draws

Funzpoints Daily Jackpot Draws

Apart from the nice welcome bonus, Funzpoints offers ongoing promos that will keep you entertained.

The first promotion is the Holiday bonus offer available on every holiday throughout the year. For this offer, Funzpoints awards you a bonus of 3x your premium account purchases.

Another Funzpoints promotion you can enjoy is the Sunday funzday promotion. Here you receive up to a $5 bonus on the first premium account buy of the day.

At the core of the Funzpoints reward model are the daily jackpot sweepstakes draw. The daily $350 jackpot prize is divided up among 40 players as follows:

  • 20 players, $5 cash prize each.
  • 15 players, $10 cash prize each.
  • 5 players, $20 cash prize each.

To participate in the daily jackpot sweepstakes draw, you have to earn tickets. You can earn the tickets by Spinning the Funzwheel or Following the Funzpoints Facebook page to see what’s on offer and Frequently playing slot games in standard or premium modes.

Funzpoints Daily Jackpot Draws- Funzwallet

Funzpoints also has a VIP loyalty program that has several perks. You become a VIP member when you make a purchase of $4.99 or more at Funzpoints. Not only do you get access to a wide range of real cash games, but you also get to enjoy exclusive perks like:

  • No ads when you play.
  • Access to the trophy room.
  • Cashing out at Funzpoints

Also note that when you want to play for real cash, you have to make a minimum deposit of $4.99. However, it’s important to note that you are purchasing credit points when you make a deposit. The purchased amount will then be converted into points as follows:

  • $4.99 — 1,000 standard mode points + 500 premium mode points.
  • $9.99 — 2,000 standard mode points + 1,000 premium mode points.
  • $19.99 — 4,000 standard mode points + 2,000 premium mode points.

You can use the usual Visa or Mastercard to make your purchases. It’s important to remember that you can only redeem winnings earned from playing the premium credits.

For redemptions, your winnings are credited to your funzwallet once they are claimed. The redemption processing time at Funzpoints is between 12 hours and 24 hours. Also, the minimum redemption amount you can make at Funzpoints is $20, while the maximum amount is $2,000.

How to win at the casino?

Funzpoints Daily Jackpot Draws- Funzpoints

There are two ways to win real money prizes in Funzpoints.

  • If your ticket is selected for the jackpot draw, you will win the corresponding amount.
  • When you are playing in Premium mode, all of your in-game wins are cashable prizes.

Jackpot winnings are deposited into your Premium funzbank. Any Premium winnings can be transferred to your funzwallet. Any amount of $20 USD or more can be transferred from your funzwallet to an available 3rd party wallet or direct to your bank account.

The system will not process payments until all required personal information such as name, address and date of birth is provided in the Profile section of the Option Menu and the personal information is compliant with the sweepstakes Rules.

There is no minimum amount of funds that you can cashout to your funzwallet. Any winnings of $20 USD or more can be transferred from your funzwallet to an available 3rd party wallet or direct to your bank account.

The maximum amount that can be transfered to your bank account from your funzwallet is $2,000 USD per transaction. There is no limit to the number of transactions that you can process.

Transfer requests are processed immediately and are usually deposited directly to your bank account the same day or next business banking day. ACH transfers are not deposited on weekends or holidays. In some cases, the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network can take 1-3 business days to complete.

In Premium, 100 funzpoints equals $1 USD

The minimum single bet is 8 funzpoints and the maximum single bet is 500 funzpoints.

You need to provide your name, address, date of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) so that casino can verify your eligibility before winnings are awarded to you.

Funzpoints also campaigns for responsible gambling and several measures have been put in place to ensure that you play responsibly every time you visit the site. For example, you are able to set gaming limits or self-exclude for a certain period.

Funzpoints customer service

If you face any difficulties or want to make an inquiry, you can reach the Funzpoints support team quickly via email at . Your email will be forwarded to a customer representative, and you may receive a response within one hour. If your query requires a more complex response, it may take 24 to 48 hours for you to receive a response.

Funzpoints also has a full detailed FAQ section at the casino. Here you will find answers to common questions like “How do I buy the funzcredit points?” It’s always advisable to first visit the FAQ section before contacting the support team directly.