Guide to Discover Card online casinos in the USA to play real money slots

Guide to Discover Card online casinos in the USA to play real money slots

Discover Card is the leading digital bank and payments services company and also provides credit cards, loans and other services in US. Online casinos offer various deposit options for US punters to fund their online casino account even with their mobile to play real money slots and casino games.

With this new payment mode now on the line, few US online casinos accept Discover Card payments and list it in their banking page for online casino deposits transactions. The reason why very few online casinos accept this deposit option is  as the Discover Card network has policies on international transactions which makes it harder to use them in online casinos.

Discover card was founded in 1985 specifically for Sears, but one year later it was introduced nationwide. The financial company has passed through a few hands, starting with Dean Witter, the founder, and then Morgan Stanley until 2007. This was when Discover Financial Services became an independent company.

It is one of the few credit card companies that has been able to compete against MasterCard and VISA, as their strategy of having no annual fee worked like a charm; it was uncommon for credit cards at that time to not have an annual fee. They also offered a higher credit limit than other similar cards, but what really earned them their reputation and customer base was their Cashback Bonus. Cardholders could get a certain percent, usually between 2% and 5%, back from the amount of money the spent; which was refunded to the account.

They also started getting big business from retailers, as they would offer them much lower merchant fees, including the fact that they do not charge a percentage fee. It was able to get into many retailers, like Sam’s Club, who had used them exclusively until recently where they have also started to accept MasterCard.

Discover Credit Cards

Discover credit cards

Discover offers four different types of credit cards: Cash Back, Travel, Student, and Secured. Each will give the user different benefits, but in order to apply for any of them, you must meet certain requirements. As an example the Student credit card will not be issued to someone that is not studying in a college or university or has some ties to an educational institution. Being able to get one of these cards will be a good step towards playing at Discover Card casinos.

Cash Back Credit Cards

There are three cashback Discover credit cards that can be applied for that have some similar and different benefits to offer. None of these cards come with an annual fee, but the player would have to pay between 11.24% and 23-24% in interest each year depending on their creditworthiness.

  • Discover it card: their most popular card, where the US players would receive 5% cashback on certain purchases, and 1% cashback on all other purchases.
  • Discover it NHL card: this card has all of the same perks as the regular card but will allow those NHL fans to pick from the 30 different designs.
  • Discover it Gas and Restaurant card: this card has more specific benefits, where the player would get 2% cashback at gas stations and restaurants while still having the 1% cashback on all other purchases.

Discover Travel Credit Card

Discover only offers one type of travel credit card, the Discover it Miles card. This would be the perfect credit card for those US players that like to travel a lot, whether it is for work or pleasure. It gives its user 1.5x Unlimited Miles on every purchase made, and the perk is that the miles never expire. For the new cardholders, they will receive double miles during their first 12 consecutive billing periods. They would get the same APR of 11.24% up to 23-24% as the regular cash back cards.

Discover Student Credit Cards

Just as the name suggests, these credit cards are designed with a student in mind and are offered mainly to those who are studying. However, it doesn’t have to be exclusively for students, as they have higher restrictions on its use and have a higher possible APR, ranging from 13.24% and 22.24%; as a student usually don’t have any creditworthiness. There are two cards to pick from:

  • Discover it chrome for Students card: comes with 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants and 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • Discover it for Students card: the perks are like the regular card, 5% cash back on certain purchases, and 1% cashback on all other purchases.

Discover Secured Card

The Discover it Secured card is similar to a prepaid or debit card but has the benefits of use just like a Discover credit card would have. You would apply and provide a deposit, where if you deposit $300, you get a $300 credit line. This card is advertised as the card a person would use if they wanted to build up their credit score, without having the risk of spending more than what they can pay back each month. They would get the same benefits the Gas and Restaurant card has, where they get 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants and 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Discover Card online casinos in the USA to play real money slots

As said above there are very few discover card online casinos in the USA to play real money slots. Here are those few Discover Card online casinos in the USA to play real money slots.

Betonline casino

Betonlinecasino- Discover card payment

BetOnline is one of the top-rated online casinos for US players. It has one of the widest selection of deposit and withdrawal methods. This US-friendly site has over 200 games including a great selection of table games, slots, sports betting, specialty games. You can also enjoy a high-quality Live Casino with friendly dealers.

discover card online casinos

As a new player, you get 100% Welcome Bonus of up to $3,000. The minimum deposit with Discover card here is $50 and the maximum is $2500. Besides discover the online casino accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express also. For more details, you can call their  Credit/Debit Cards hotline at1-888-446-9874 or send an e-mail

Click here to play now

Wild Casino

Wildcasino- Discover card payment

Wild Casino was launched in 2017 but is a part of a main casino gaming supplier. It has great quality of games and graphics. Wild casino carries a good game selection from top gaming providers such as Betsoft and Nucleus Gaming. You can create a new account at Wild Casino and enjoy up to $5,000 Welcome Bonus in signup bonuses.

Wildcasino- Discover card payment

Depositing with your Discover card online is fast, easy and secure. Just click the Deposit Now button on the right-hand side and then follow the easy steps. The minimum deposit is $50 and maximum deposit is $2500.  If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact customer support.

Click here to play now

Royal Ace Casino

Royal Ace casino- DIscover card payment

Players from the USA can use their Discover credit card to fund their online casino account at Royal Ace Casino. Royal Ace has over 150 games including progressive slots with high-paying jackpots. You’ll also find instant play table games and video poker. Join the VIP Club at Royal Ace and enjoy exclusive perks. You can get in touch with Customer Support if you need any help to make a deposit with Discover card.

Royal Ace casino- DIscover card payment

Royal Ace Casino has a No-Max Deposit Bonus as well as loads of other awesome bonuses, so sign up today and get up to 200% royal bonus with a $4000 welcome bonus. Royal vegas offers online slots, table games, video poker and specialty games.

How to make a casino deposit using Discover card?

Discover card payment

To make a casino deposit using Discover card, you need to have a discover account. Click here to open your account at Discover.

You can also download the Discover card app on your mobile and pay the casino with your mobile.

You should have an active Discover Credit card with the balance to fund the online casino.

Also, you should have an online casino account. If you don’t have then create and register yourself as a player at the online casino.

To play real money slots now go to the cashier or the mobile casino Banking Page

This is usually found via a link at the top of the homepage. If not found, Google the casino’s name and terms like “banking methods” or “deposit methods”, which should provide a link to the page you need.

This page might be divided between Deposits and Withdrawals. If so, navigate to the deposit page. For new players, the deposit menu will appear after you have signed up. For current members, this should be easy to find in your account.

Some online use the term “Local Cards” or “Credit Cards” in general. If you don’t find Discover on the page, substitute those with the other mentioned options.

This payment option should have a “Deposit Now” or “Deposit” link next to it. Click on this link.

Now follow step-by-step instructions to funding your account at this point. Select the option you want, fill in the valid information, and click “Next”. Once the process is done, make sure that the deposit amount is correct.

Using your charge card’s unique verification numbers, make the payment. Place the correct amount in the prompt box. Be prepared to use the 3-digit verification code on the back of the card, too. This will tell the casino that you are the owner of the card.

If you are having trouble, remember to log-in under your username and account. You’ll need either your Username or Email Address ready, along with your Password. Use the email address you input when you registered.

In case of any issue, you can contact the online casino. Online casinos offer Live Chat, email, toll-free faxes, and toll-free phone calls with their support staff. The quickest method is to talk to the cashier via Live Chat. Be prepared to provide proof of identification, if you have never made a payment to the casino before. Also, note that credit card information also needs to be provided.

Advantages of using Discover cards

There are many advantages of using Discover cards to fund your online casino account.

  • There is no fee attached when using Discover cards. This makes it a lot simpler to use, without having to worry about paying a fee each year.
  • On top of the credit card not having any fee, most casinos that accept the Discover Card will not charge the player any fees when making a deposit.
  • When you use the Discover Card for any purchase you will get cash back. This makes it an amazing card to use when making a deposit, as those are considered to be purchases, and you will get a refund of a certain percent that is based on what card you have.
  • The help response is awesome here. Being the third-largest credit card and financial company in the United States is not easy. However, Discover has been able to compete with other companies due to how well they treat their customers.

Discover offers various different types of credit cards that have different benefits. It will depend on you to pick which benefits you prefer to get, ranging from higher cash-back or even getting airline miles to use when traveling.

US Players that wish to apply for a Discover Card do not have to do it through their bank, seeing as how Discover is an independent company. It has its own banking platform that handles the transactions and payments.

The only disadvantage with Discover cards is that very few online casino accept this payment mode.

Alternatives to Discover Card payments


As very few online casinos accept Discover card payments, one should not stick to that online casino and stop the experience in gaming with other fabulous casinos. You can use Bitcoins, Visa credit and debit cards, Master credit and debit cards, American Express credit and debit cards, Paypal and various e-Wallets.