Complete guide as what causes a weak cell phone signal and dropped calls

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Many a times while calling to someone dear to you your calls drop all of a sudden. Or while playing slots you see that you have a weak phone signal.  Your immediate reaction to this setback is annoying at many a times specially if you are have to make an important call or in a emergency situation. In this guide find as what  causes a weak cell phone signal, poor reception, and dropped calls. Also find as what you can do to improve your cell phone signal and eliminate dropped calls.

Causes of poor cell phone reception

You must have seen that most often you get poor cell phone reception when either you are inside a building or a room. So the main cause of poor cell phone signal is that something is preventing a clear signal from reaching you. Therefore the materials used in the construction of the building is one of the cause. The other cause is when you are out of your carrier’s coverage area. These two causes sometimes together cause reception problems and dead zones too.

Carrier coverage area

Cellular carriers provide cell coverage by setting up cell towers to broadcast and receive cellular calls from their customers. These cellular towers are strategically placed to provide coverage to the greatest number of potential customers. Unfortunately, the further you are from a tower, the less signal strength you’ll receive, which means that there are large areas that get very weak signal which isn’t strong enough to make or receive a call.

Construction materials

Recently, there have been significant advancements in construction materials for homes and buildings, which help with energy conservation, reducing health risks, and more. One downside of these advancements, though, is that many of these new construction materials end up blocking cell phone signals from entering the building. Many people then find themselves in the situation where they get good signal outside of the house but lose their call when walking into their home.

Ways to improve your cell phone signal

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There are certain ways to avoid call drops and get improved cell phone reception.

If you see that when you dial a number and you are getting a call drop when inside a room it is better to open the door and move out and call again. Also if you walk and talk things gets improved.

Also you can use a cell phone antenna booster also known as cell phone signal booster or repeater. This system amplifies an existing cell phone signal and broadcasts it to an area which does not currently have good signal. A cell phone antenna booster system is typically comprised of an external (or outside) omni or yagi antenna, a signal amplifier, an internal antenna, and cable to connect all of those components together. The system works by having the external antenna receive a cell phone signal from the closest cell tower. It then passes that signal over a cable to the amplifier, which boosts the strength of the signal and then broadcasts it to the inside of the building via the internal antenna.

You can buy these booster system from eBay or any store online. Getting this device for your cell phone will solve reception problems experienced when you live or work on the edge of a coverage area. It does this by boosting the weak cell phone signal that you typically receive up to a usable level.

Also use a directional outside antenna and aim at the closest cell tower, which would then result in an even stronger signal, since the system is now setup to interact directly with the tower. As long as you’re able to receive one bar of signal outside while on the edge of a coverage area, then an antenna booster will improve your cell signal.

An antenna booster can also solve the problem with construction materials reducing your cell phone reception. As the signal cannot penetrate the external of the house, so an antenna booster will circumvent the construction materials by passing the cell phone signal over a cable from the outside antenna into the house to the amplifier. The system boosts the signal for good measure, and then broadcasts inside of the house, effectively eliminating the obstruction by the construction material that causes interference.

Always look for that antenna booster that supports the cell phone carriers that you use and which can cover the necessary square footage that you need to improve based on the current outside signal strength and coverage area.

All these ways can help a lot in improving your cell phone reception so that you can talk and use your phone smoothly without any drop calls or weak signal bars on your smartphone.