11 Tips to become a Successful Craps Player

In craps, you cannot determine the result of a dice throw. It all comes down to consistency, patience, know-how, and discipline. The player with such qualities is far more likely to emerge winners at the end of their craps session. Here I have rounded up the top 11 Tips to become a Successful Craps Player that might be useful if you are a novice, yet interested in playing this game of chance.

1. Be Consistent

11 Tips to become a Successful Craps Player

The most important and first condition is your consistency. Be consistent in practicing the craps game regularly. Learning the rules is one thing, deploying them is another Furthermore, craps are one of the games that call for a holistic approach and great persistence.

Memorizing the bet types, their odds and the peculiar lingo is just a feat on its own. You can do practice in two ways. The first one is to pay a visit to a gaming store where you can buy a craps table layout and attach it to the inside of a box. Registering at an online casino and playing in Fun Mode without risking your funds is another convenient alternative.

This way, you will join the craps table or start your Real Money session online well-prepared.

2. Try Smaller Bet Units

Try Smaller Bet Units

Setting the size of your bet units depends on the size of your starting bankroll. Better to avoid using greater bet units, even if your starting bankroll is substantial. As in craps you can win and lose money quickly.

In craps, it is suggested to use betting units amounting to 1% of you starting bankroll. Do not recoup the losses you’ve incurred on a losing streak by increasing your bet units substantially as chasing your losses is always a bad idea.

3. Consider the House Edge

Consider the House Edge

Understanding the house edge is very important in this game.

In any craps, payouts are 8 for 1. You should pay close attention to the wording because in this context the preposition “for” is used instead of the usual “to” to denote players are paid $7 for each winning $1 bet and not $8 for a $1 bet.

Experts advise that you should stick to the 3% Rule, at least until you gain some experience. This means aim at giving the house only a small statistical advantage amounting to no more than 3%. If the house edge for a given bet greatly exceeds 3%, stay away from placing such wagers.

4. Set a Time Limit for yourself

Set a Time Limit for yourself

This is the best way to set a timeframe for playing craps. Once your time is up, you collect your chips, leave the table and that’s that. It will not only cut your losses short if your luck is failing you but also secure your profits when such have been accumulated.

This rule is tough to follow, especially for beginners. You can start by taking short breaks to grab a snack or take a walk to clear your head until you build up some discipline.

5. Redeem Bonuses and Comp Points

Redeem Bonuses and Comp Points

This tip is great for players who play the game online, from the comfort of their home. Such casinos attract more new players by offering them nice bonuses and numerous promotional offers, designed to boost their bankrolls and increase their chances of winning. Mostly when you register and deposit at an online casino, your initial deposit is matched with a bonus.

Also, you may get special Loyalty programs to benefit from. Each real-money wager you place at the casino offers you a specific number of Comp Points which can later be converted into free casino chips to play with.

Redeeming such bonus funds is a great way to diversify your craps session not to mention it prevents you from risking your own money.

6. Don’t Fall Prey to the Gambler’s Fallacy

Don’t Fall Prey to the Gambler’s Fallacy

One important thing to remember with craps is that dice do not roll in any predictable pattern.

Do not believe in the so-called gamble’s fallacy. In this concept, players believe the next roll of the dice is influenced by the rolls that preceded it. There is no such thing as dice rolls affecting each other’s probability.

In craps, numbers or any combinations of numbers are never “due”, they either come out or they don’t.

7. Keep Safe Some of your Profits

Keep Safe Some of your Profits

Keeping aside some of your winnings is always a wise approach. If you plan to play craps in a land-based venue, you can simply place some of the chips you have won in your pocket or go to the cashier and exchange them for money. You can use the rest of the chips you have won to play some more, but whatever you do, do not use it all in one go.

8. Increase Bet Units Only When on Profit

Increase Bet Units Only When on Profit

Never try to offset the losses you incurred at the craps table by deploying the Martingale betting system. Applying this strategy in a craps game is not the best way to go for several reasons.

First of all, even if you win after a long losing streak, your profits would be far from impressive, especially, if you consider the large amounts you would have lost in a short period.

Increase bets only when you are winning and decrease them when losing. This will help you generate satisfactory profits when on a hot roll, and also minimize the negative impact of the so-called “chopping” of the dice when winning and losing rolls alternate.

9. Increase Bet Units When the Point is established

Increase Bet Units When the Point is established

You should treat each bet individually. If your first bet wins, you increase the amount of your next bet, if the second bet wins again, you can increase your next betting unit.

Once the Point is established and you win on the Pass Line, you should increase your next Pass Line bet at $15.

While this betting system appears to be a bit confusing to new players, it is a suitable approach as it reduces the adverse impact on your bankroll.

10. Use Streaks to your Advantage

Use Streaks to your Advantage

Both winning and losing ones are part and parcel of the game of craps and gambling, in general. When it comes to 11 Tips to become a Successful Craps Player, it all depends on whether or not a player knows how to exploit them properly and use them to gain an advantage.

You should keep close track of what’s going on at the table in hope of noticing when a good streak begins to develop. Even three or four consecutive passes of the dice will suffice for you to generate a decent profit, but you need to be alert and wait for the right moment to join in with a bet.

Never chase your losses by dramatically increasing your bet units because you have a gut feeling you are “due” to win this time.

11. Avoid Alcohol Consumption

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

The last tip is especially applicable to players who intend to enjoy the game in a brick-and-mortar venue.

In land-based casinos, offering complimentary drinks to customers is an established practice and it isn’t difficult to see why. Alcohol quickly clouds good judgment and leads to rash decisions you will soon find yourself regretting.


The game of craps is not as easy as most inexperienced players assume before they sit to play. Although it has a negative expectation value, there are ways to turn things to your advantage through planning and implementing different strategies and betting patterns. Above-listed is the 11 Tips to become a Successful Craps Player if you want to become a professional craps player.